Sweater Weather

Fashion is about dressing according to what is fashionable. Style is more about being yourself. -Oscar de la Renta
So, we’ve passed Christmas, but there are still a couple months of cold weather ahead of us.  In the brisk winter air, my favorite thing to wear is SWEATERS.  There’s just something about putting on a big fuzzy sweater–sort of like putting on a hug–well, a really stylish hug.  

I guess that’s the other reason why I absolutely love sweaters.  They’re warm and comfy, but they can also be incredibly classy and downright beautiful.

  Sweaters can take so many different forms and inspire so many different fashion looks.  From cardigans to over-sized boyfriend sweaters, there’s a sweater look for everyone.

    There are a few classic looks that every girl should have in her closet.  So, if you’re looking to expand your sweater wardrobe, here are a few style ideas for you this winter season….
The  White Sweater…

Every girl needs one of these beauties in their wardrobe.  The white sweater is one you can dress up or dress down–wear it with a skirt, jeans, or even leather jeggings.  Check out some of my current white sweater faves.

Your Boyfriend’s Sweater…

Whether you really do swipe a spare sweater from your boyfriend’s closet or you buy your own (I recently bought myself a dark green croft & barrow sweater for $20 at Kohl’s), the oversized boyfriend sweater is indispensable.  It’s cozy…but still keeps you looking cute at the same time.  Patterned or solid, whatever you like, there’s a boyfriend sweater out there for you, too!

The Fitted Sweater

This one is just straight up classic.  For that job interview or your speech in class, the fitted sweater gives a polished look.  Practically speaking, its nice to have the bit of extra warmth when you are out and about.  With the thickness and patterning in these sweater, they are also a fun & classy way to spice up your wardrobe.

The Sweater Dress…

I’ve already talked about how much I love sweaters. I have to confess: I’m also a dress girl; so, the sweater dress is a combo of two of my favorite things. That being said, it offers warmth and versatility.  It can be dressed up, dressed down.  It comes in so many styles that you’ll never be bored.  If you don’t already have one (or more) of these stylish dresses in your closet, you definitely want to change that.  They can even be fun as a winterized version of the LBD. 

The Over-sweater…

Last but definitely not least, the over-sweater: these are literally my favorite thing, as far as practical style goes.  During the winter, I rarely leave home without some type of over-sweater.  I often use one in place of a coat.  Plus, they add a fun pop of style.  Whether you’re looking for a short, subtle black sweater to keep your arms warm at the restaurant that is always too cold or a fun aztec-patterned over-sweater to add some fun and style to a basic denim outfit, there are great over-sweaters.  If these are not yet a staple in your wardrobe, trust me.  Once you enter the world of over sweaters, there’s no going back.
Well, that’s all for now, guys.  Hope you’re all enjoying these winter days.  I think I’m going to go put a sweater on…



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