First Impressions and Falling in Love

“Our destination is never a place but a new way of seeing things.” -Henry Miller

Today is day 3 in Costa Rica, and I already know it’s going to fly by so quickly.  This morning, I woke up to an open window and a light morning rain.  I could hear passerbys chatting away in Spanish.  When I look outside, I look across the rooftops, and I see mountains in the distance.  Basically, I’m absolutely in love. Already, I have learned so much! 

First off, the language.  I had not used much Spanish in a while, and I was rather nervous what that would mean for my time here.  Then, I got here, and I found myself immediately in several situations where I was the one being looked to to speak Spanish for the group. To say it is a learning curve would be an understatement, but already, the words start to come a little faster.  The language is beautiful, and I love hearing it everywhere we go.  We went to a Costa Rican cafe for the first time yesterday and ordered in Spanish.  

Then, there’s the people.  Waiting for my connecting flight in Houston, I met five other students on their way to the same program in Costa Rica.  It was one of those moments where we just “clicked”.  Definitely a God thing.  We braved customs together and already have plans for grand adventures and exploration.  It is una mezcla fabulosa (a fabulous mix).  The entire program is composed of a group of so many interesting people from all over, and each one has a fascinating story.  I look forward to getting to know them all better in the coming weeks.  Of course, I have to mention the Costa Rican people as well.  Their friendliness and warmth had us feeling at home from the first moments they met us at the university.  Hugs, cheek kisses, incredible food, and warm hospitality. They truly have done all they can to make us feel at home.  Not to mention, my normal obsession with Mexican food is finding beautiful fulfillment in Costa Rican cuisine.

Of course, I have to mention the country itself.  I live in an adorable two-story mint colored house.  Almost all the houses are different colors, which I find enchanting.  San Jose is a mixture of old and new.  The majority of it is not composed of buildings necessarily beautiful in the traditional sense, but all together, their impact is to create a charming and inviting place.  We took a tour yesterday, and I absolutely fell in love.  I also can’t wait to explore on my own and get outside of the city. It is still strange, though, to realize I am in a place where I can drive down the street, and it is perfectly normal to see a sign that says, “Volcano ahead, 52 km”.

Today’s day two of orientation.  So, I’m running off to a fabulous Costa Rican breakfast and another full day.

Tenga un buen dia,


PS The first round of pictures to come!


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