How to Be Single…This Valentine’s Day

“Wherever you are, be all there.”-Jim Elliot

It’s that time of year.  Valentine’s Day.  The couples are either basking in the joy of the holiday–or trying to pass themselves off as too hipster to care about such a “cliche” holiday.  Meanwhile, the single girls alternate between binge-watching Nicholas Sparks and the Hallmark Channel and proudly proclaiming that “they don’t need no man”.  There are red hearts and Dove chocolates everywhere.

Okay, full disclosure: I kind of love Valentine’s Day–and I’m saying that as a single girl.  3C88109E22Is it the most romantic day of the year?  I certainly hope not.  But I do not think it needs to be in order to be a wonderful holiday with a lot to offer.  The pretty colored decorations, delicious goodies, and sweet words to loved ones–whether your platonic besties or your significant other–are enough to make this holiday pretty fantastic.  I love Valentine’s Day because it is one day out of the year where we slow down and are thankful for the people that we love, and that is something that we could all do a little more.

Now, all that being said, there are definitely still moments where, well, Valentine’s Day can serve as a stinging reminder of something or someone you don’t have in your life right now.  That does not mean, though, that you cannot enjoy the day for what it is and still have a blast.  For me this year, celebrating Valentine’s Day means a night out with my roommates, all of whom find ourselves either single or away from our S.O.’s this Valentine’s Day.  So, so what if you’re not dating someone right now?  Or even if you just happen to be farther away from your boy than you’d like.  You can still make this Valentine’s Day a blast.

Here are four ideas to get you started:

Grab your girlfriends.  Whether you just put your nice dresses on and go out to dinner, throw a real party, or just stay in and watch chick flicks in your pajamas, there is something so refreshing about girl time, and especially on Valentine’s Day, it is much more fun to be with your friends than sitting at home

Send someone (or several someones) a Valentine.  It does not have to be a love interest.  Just drop someone you care about a note to let them know how grateful you are for them.

Have an Un-Valentine’s Day party.  Okay, so maybe cute red hearts aren’t your thing.  It does not mean that you can’t hang out with your friends and celebrate your friendships.  Grab a Marvel film or two or the Bourne Trilogy and have an action movie marathon.  Valentine’s Day does not have to look a certain way.

Get crafty.  Valentine’s Day is a fun holiday for the artsy.  Pick a fun craft you’ve been wanting to do and just get to it!  To make it even  more fun, make it a group crafting day.

Treasure this time.  You aren’t going to be single every Valentine’s Day.  So, if you are this year, enjoy it.  Laugh with your girlfriends.  Value the people in your life.  Appreciate right now.

Remember: a lot can change in a year.



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