i’m anna, a twenty-something girl midwestern girl living & going into college in the south.  I grew up in kc and live in nashville, when i’m not at school at union university.  i’m a communications major, minoring in humanitarian studies.

i love traveling.  new cities fascinate me.  good books are my weakness.  i have a love affair with coffee.  i’ll never say no to a good adventure.  i love pearls and red lipstick; little black dresses and high heels; and fashion in general.   i’ll strike up a conversation with anyone; it’s not uncommon for me to make friends with a stranger in a coffee shop.  i love rainy days and good books. and last but not least, i’m an unapologetic follower of jesus christ.

i created ann[a]tations as a place to put my share my thoughts, experiences, and adventures.  from fashion to college and career to travel and books, these are the thoughts and musings of one girl.

so, thanks for stopping by.  i hope you enjoy yourself, maybe laugh, & maybe gain a new glimpse or perspective on the world.

anna jayne


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